WE BELIEVE A DREAM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN OWN. Our passion is to inspire, protect and restore our customers’ dreams. Discover how we do this by exploring the stories and financials on this page.


We've helped inspire more than 3.5 million dreams.

47,000 visitors to Dreambank. 3.4 million visits and 42,000 dreams declared on dreamfearlessly.com.


We protect more than 8.2 million dreams – total number of active policies.

6,850,192 home, auto and umbrella policies. 789,547 life policies. 568,791 commercial farm-ranch policies.


$4 billion to restore dreams – total we paid in claims.

$3.4 billion in home, auto and umbrella claims. $154.4 million in life claims. $429 million in commercial farm-ranch claims.

DREAMS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES — from owning a home to growing a family to starting a business. In the following videos, three customer families share how American Family helped inspire or protect or restore their dreams.


Attorneys Nelson and Bethany Lee’s passion to serve the Asian community inspired them to start their own law firm to represent underserved Chinese immigrants. They can confidently pursue this dream for their business, thanks to the peace of mind their American Family coverage and agent provide.


Sherman and Ginny Swenson have been protected by American Family for more than 65 years. It started with coverage for a 1935 Chevrolet and grew to include coverage as Sherman pursued his dream to work for himself as a carpenter. They’re still customers today.


When Tina Murphy’s husband died unexpectedly, she was thankful for the life insurance that helped her family move forward. The proceeds from the policy helped her restore her dream of a home and quality of life for her two young sons.

AS YOUR DREAMS EVOLVE, WE’RE HERE FOR YOU. Whether it’s through a resource to help pursue your dreams, a caring agent or a trustworthy claims adjuster, we support you and your dreams. See how we support customers' and community members' dreams in the following quotes.


“I love coming to DreamBank. Every time I walk into the space I feel like I’m showered with positivity and energized. I try to come as many times as I can and tell all my friends about my experiences here. Everyone should get to experience the magic of DreamBank.” — Dawn, commenting on American Family’s Madison, Wis., space designed to help dreamers find inspiration, tools and support to bring their dreams to life.
“It made perfect sense that an insurance company would remind us how important our dreams are in our everyday life and how important it is for us to plan to achieve our dreams.” — Carol
“I want a level of safety so I can keep dreaming new dreams. You can really see the value of insurance when you look at it through that lens.” — Darin


“Craig took the time to go over my current policy with me and show me discounts I was missing from my current insurer. I gladly gave him my business and highly recommend him to family and friends.” — Rachel about agent Craig Phillips
“I emailed Leon Hoffman of Oshkosh with a life insurance question at 7 p.m. expecting a response the next day. Immediately the phone rang. Leon was returning my call. Exceptional and outstanding service.” — Vicki about agent Leon Hoffman
“Raylene has so much integrity and genuine interest in taking care of her customers. She went to bat for us several times. I’m so thankful I have her behind us.” — Elise about agent Raylene Hollrah


“Ryan responded to my hail storm claim right away. He was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. This stressful situation ended on a good note with great service." — Mary about Ryan Wilch, catastrophe claim field adjuster
“After my car was damaged, Matthew put me at ease and followed up quickly. I’ve been so impressed with his professional demeanor and his ability to explain all options and respond to my concerns." — Holly about Matthew Eleccion, physical damage claim field adjuster
“We were in an accident … Eldon and Carolyn not only followed the ambulance to the hospital … they stayed until 2 a.m. to gather our family and get us safely to the hotel. I’ve never seen such generosity.” — Monica, about agent Eldon Skinner and his wife Carolyn



American Family Insurance Group Consolidated Highlights

GAAP basis - As of Dec. 31 (in thousands)

2015 2014
Assets (in thousands) $21,460,629 $20,550,043
Equity (in thousands) $7,362,486 $6,965,097
Revenue (in thousands) $8,068,066 $7,391,392
Life insurance in force $93,572,680 $91,009,943
Net income (in thousands) $693,920 $515,194

American Family Insurance Group Consolidated Balance Sheet

GAAP basis - As of Dec. 31 (in thousands)

Assets 2015 2014
Bonds $12,533,875 $12,392,493
Stocks 2,138,049 2,208,948
Cash and cash equivalents 669,123 522,828
Other assets 6,119,582 5,425,774
Total assets $21,460,629 $20,550,043
Liabilities 2015 2014
P/C loss and loss-adjustment reserves $3,763,437 $3,718,485
Life reserves and deposit contracts 4,080,261 4,008,620
Unearned premium reserves 3,178,995 2,922,530
Other liabilities 3,075,450 2,935,311
Total liabilities $14,098,143 $13,584,946
Equity 2015 2014
Accumulated other comprehensive income $374,534 $671,065
Retained earnings 6,987,952 6,294,032
Total equity $7,362,486 $6,965,097
2015 2014
Total liabilities and equity $21,460,629 $20,550,043

American Family Insurance Group Consolidated Statement of Income

GAAP basis - For the year ended Dec. 31 (in thousands)

Revenues 2015 2014
P/C net premiums earned $7,020,172 $6,563,709
Life premiums earned 306,752 308,190
Net investment income 562,409 376,829
Other revenues 178,733 142,664
Total revenues $8,068,066 $7,391,392
Losses and Expenses 2015 2014
P/C losses incurred $3,853,725 $4,052,096
P/C expenses incurred 2,911,809 2,646,101
Life insurance benefits incurred 287,719 278,997
Other expenses 218,676 210,874
Total losses and expenses 7,271,929 7,188,068
Gain (loss) from operations 796,137 203,324
Realized capital gains (losses) 217,995 541,374
Income (loss) before taxes 1,014,132 744,698
Tax expense (benefit) 320,212 229,504
Net income (loss) $693,920 $515,194

American Family Insurance Group Statement of Equity

GAAP basis - For the year ended Dec. 31 (in thousands)

Equity 2015 2014
Beginning equity $6,965,097 $6,580,943
Net income (loss) 693,920 515,194
Unrealized gains (losses) (306,230) 28,229
Other 9,698 (159,269)
Ending equity $7,362,486 $6,965,097

About Us

Our Customer Reach

Operating territory map

One or more companies of American Family Insurance group operate in 49 states (light blue and dark blue). American Family agents offer multiline products and trusted advice in 19 states (dark blue).

Our Products

Personal lines, Commercial and Farm/Ranch products are underwritten by American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin, American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio and American Family Insurance Company. Life products are underwritten by American Family Life Insurance Company. We also work with other insurance partners to meet customers’ unique insurance needs. We provide specialty or supplemental commercial and personal lines coverage as well as bonds, flood and health insurance, through American Family Brokerage, Inc.

Some products are not available in every state. To learn more about any of these products or services, contact an American Family agent or visit our website.


  • Auto1
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATV)
  • Boatowners
  • Campers/motor homes
  • Condominium unit owners2
  • Custom-value homes
  • Golf carts
  • Homeowners2
  • Mobile/manufactured homeowners
  • Motorcycles
  • Personal liability umbrella
  • Renters2
  • Snowmobiles


  • Business auto
  • Businessowners3
  • Business Key
  • Contractors Package Program
  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial property
  • Commercial liability umbrella
  • Crime and fidelity
  • Farm/Ranch
  • Farm/Ranch personal liability umbrella
  • Inland marine
  • Nonprofit directors and officers liability
  • Rental Dwelling Protection Program
  • Workers compensation


  • Term life
  • Universal life
  • Whole life

1 Auto insurance products are also underwritten by The General® group of insurance companies.

2 Homeowners, renters and condominium insurance are also underwritten by Homesite group of insurance companies.

3 Businessowners policies are also issued by Midvale Indemnity Company and distributed and serviced by Homesite.

Our Companies

The American Family Insurance Group, with more than $20 billion in total assets, consists of the following companies:

  • American Family Mutual Insurance Company
  • American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin
  • American Family Life Insurance Company
  • American Family Brokerage, Inc.
  • American Family Financial Services, Inc.
  • American Family Insurance Company
  • American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio
  • AmFam, Inc.
  • The AssureStart Insurance Agency, LLC (AssureStart)
  • Homesite Group Incorporated and its subsidiaries (Homesite)
  • Midvale Indemnity Company
  • Midvale Life Insurance Company of New York
  • New Ventures, LLC
  • Permanent General Holdings Corp. and its subsidiaries (The General®)

Our Leadership

  • Jack Salzwedel

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Fabian Fondriest

    Chief Executive Officer Homesite and Chief Operating Officer American Family Direct
  • John Hollar

    President and Chief Operating Officer The General®
  • David Holman

    Chief Strategy Officer and Secretary
  • Daniel Kelly

    Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
  • Kristin Kirkconnell

    Chief Information Officer
  • Mary Schmoeger

    Chief Administration Officer
  • William Westrate

    Chief Operating Officer American Family Agency
  • Mark Afable

    Chief Legal Officer
  • Gerry Benusa

    Chief Sales Officer
  • Timothy Constien

    President, Personal Lines
  • Todd Fancher

    President, Life
  • David Graham

    Chief Investment Officer
  • Peter Gunder

    Chief Business Development Officer
  • Chris Listau

    President, Commercial-Farm/Ranch

Our Board of Directors

  • Jack Salzwedel

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President
    American Family Mutual Insurance Company
  • David Anderson

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - retired
    American Family Mutual Insurance Company
  • Kathleen Barclay

    Senior Vice President Human Resources - retired
    The Kroger Company
  • Christine Cumming

    First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer - retired
    Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Londa Dewey

    QTI Group
  • Leslie Ann Howard

    Senior Advisor to the CEO of United Way Worldwide
  • Ted Kellner, CFA

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Fiduciary Management, Inc.
  • Rakesh Khurana

    Harvard College
  • Michael Knetter, Ph.D.

    University of Wisconsin Foundation
  • R. Scott Malmgren

    Senior Partner - retired
    Deloitte & Touche, Chicago
  • Walter Oliver

    Senior Vice President Human Resources and Administration - retired
    General Dynamics Corporation
  • Eliot Protsch

    Wapsie Investment & Advisory, LLC
  • Paul Shain

    Chief Executive Officer
    Singlewire Software, LLC
  • Thomas Zimbrick

    Chief Executive Officer
    Zimbrick, Inc.