Agency Observation Worksheet

To help you prepare for starting your own agency, contact your Agency Sales Manager to schedule a time to join an agent in your area for at least a half day. During this time, observe the agents day-to-day tasks and activities.

The following observation checklist helps you prepare for NATP training. Print and complete the observation checklist below and bring it to the first day of class.

Prior to your agency observation, write down what you think a typical day in the life of an agent is like?

Date of observation:
Start Time:
End Time:

  1. During your agency observation, how many customers came into the office? Was that more or less than you expected?
  2. How frequently did the phone ring? Was that more or less than you expected?
  3. The primary role of the staff person was:
  4. The agents primary responsibilities included:
  5. Was the agents office clean and professional?
  6. List 3 to 5 specific skills or attributes the agent demonstrated that influence a customers decision to do business with that agent. (ex: customer service skills, knowledge of insurance, etc.)
  7. Now that you have spent a day with an agent, what did you observe that you had not expected to see?
  8. Thinking about the office visit, what are you expecting the New Agent Training Program will cover?

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