NATP Overview with Gerry Benusa

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Hello, I’m Gerry Benusa, executive vice president. Welcome to American Family’s New Agent Training Program.

The goal of the New Agent Training Program is to give you the tools to become a productive, successful, service-driven agent whose business is built on providing outstanding customer experiences.  

The program will focus on two major areas: the Sales Process and Business Operations. 

The training is designed to help you become successful at performing the tasks you will encounter as a new agent.  Throughout the training, you will be asked to demonstrate the essential components of the sales process and business operations.  This knowledge is the foundation for your long-term success as an American Family agent.

There are four key aspects of the NATP curriculum:

  1. It is designed with an outside-in approach.  This means building the curriculum from the perspective of the customer and market first.
  2. It is created around the core concept of service.
  3. It is written to prompt you to express and shape a clear vision of your personal dedication to service.
  4. And it is the foundation for building trusted long term relationships, customer satisfaction and agency growth.

Congratulations on your decision to become an American Family agent and welcome to our team!

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