Prospecting List Introduction


In order to have a successful business, you must always be looking for new customers. One way to find new customers is through a process called prospecting. Prospecting is the continuous activity of exploring for and pre-qualifying new people that you can approach, talk to and meet with to discuss how you can meet their needs with the products and services you have to offer.

One of the ways to prospect is to create a list of people or businesses you can contact whom you feel might benefit from your services. A good method to use when deciding whom to include on this list is to think of people who would recognize your name or voice when you call them, such as friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, current or former co-workers and business associates.

Also consider businesses that could refer good prospects to your new agency such as: bankers, mortgage brokers, attorneys or real estate agents. Finally, think about people who are active in the community. They can be a great resource for future contacts.

New Client Information Forms

Prior to the first day of training, complete a New Client Information Form for at least 25 people on your prospect list. The 25 people that you choose should be people that you know well and who are willing to work with you as you begin your new career such as close friends and family.

Include the following information on your prospects:

  • Name, address, phone number and e-mail address for each person.
  • Permission from your prospects allowing you to contact them during training to write/review their insurance.
  • Potential lines of insurance for the household.
  • Collect declaration pages from their current insurance policies or copies of each persons current insurance policies, if possible.

Note: You must bring this list with you on the first day of training.

Qualified Leads

Throughout NATP, you will continue to add to your list of prospects. As your list grows, some of your prospects evolve into qualified leads. A qualified lead is a prospect who:

  • Needs and values your products or services
  • Has the ability to pay
  • Is suitable for a product or service
  • You can approach on a favorable basis

By the end of NATP, you will be required to have a minimum number of qualified leads on your list. The number required is determined by your region or state. Your progress will be tracked weekly in class and tools will be provided to help keep you on target.

Centers of Influence

During your training, you will be asked to compile a list of Centers of Influence. A Center of Influence is an influential person who knows you favorably and agrees to introduce or refer you to others. Start thinking about and writing down some names as you think of them. By the end of the New Agent Training Program, your goal will be to have a list of the following centers of influence:

  • 5 - Professionals
  • 5 - Mortgage Brokers/Title Companies
  • 5 - Real Estate Agents
  • 5 - Accountants, Financial Planners & Estate Planners

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