Drivers beware: simple precautions can reduce your chances of becoming a deer crash statistic

Madison, Wis. (Oct. 10, 2007) — Motorists in many states are likely to encounter deer on streets and highways this time of the year. Drivers can take several simple precautions to reduce the likelihood of these encounters resulting in a traffic accident.
Hundreds of thousands of deer-vehicle crashes occur annually, causing millions of dollars worth of damage, injuries and even death. Many of these accidents occur between October and November during the deer-breeding season.
Last year, American Family Insurance customers filed more than 36,000 claims for vehicle crashes with animals, most of the time involving deer. Those claims totaled $84.1 million, with an average repair cost of about $2,300. Deer accident frequency was highest in the Midwest, particularly Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri. Other states with considerable numbers of animal accidents include Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.
Deer-vehicle crashes are often unavoidable, but here are a few defensive driving tips to minimize your chances:

If your vehicle strikes a deer, contact the authorities. You may be legally required to report an accident with significant vehicle damage, depending on state laws. Also contact your insurance company to report your claim. Collision with an animal is covered under the comprehensive section of your auto insurance policy.

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