American Family Offers Enhanced Identity Fraud Expense Coverage in Response to Consumers’ Identity Theft Concerns

Madison, Wis. (Sept. 19, 2008) –American Family Insurance is providing a new level of identity theft services to its customers who purchase the optional coverage. American Family’s Identity Fraud Expense Coverage offers comprehensive solutions and assistance, either when identity theft occurs or in response to a customer’s concerns.
The service added to the Identity Fraud Expense Coverage is powered by Identity Theft 911®, which offers expert guidance through the entire resolution process, along with many proactive services that assist customers in safeguarding their identity.  Personal advocates work one-on-one with customers to identify where they are vulnerable, and to ensure their identity theft case has been fully resolved.

Identity theft occurs when someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal information for criminal purposes. Losses to the victim may include general out-of-pocket expenses, lost time from work and additional costs associated with restoring reputation and correcting compromised personal data.  American Family’s Identity Fraud Expense Coverage reimburses customers for those expenses.  

American Family introduced this optional identity fraud expense coverage in 2003. The new program offers three main services, at no additional cost, to customers who already have or will purchase the optional coverage:

Identity theft can occur in many different ways. Some common methods are: For additional information on American Family’s Identity Fraud Expense Coverage, see an American Family agent or visit