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Terry Kraft

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Terry Kraft


Terry Kraft

Insurance Agent Since:



Mandan, ND

Prior Profession:

First job out of college

Educational Background:

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Agency Awards and Distinctions:

  • JD Power & Associates Distinguished Insurance Agency
  • All American Club
  • AFLIC Club
  • All Lines Leader
  • American Family Hall of Fame

Professional Success

The flexibility of running an agency has allowed me the time to get involved in some really rewarding community projects. Probably the one closest to my heart would be an organization that is dedicated to helping the working poor in my community. They provide the most basic of needs; food, shelter and clothing to those people that make too much money to qualify for federal aid but not enough to actually meet the basic necessities of life. I spent so many years on the board of directors that finally the director had to point out that my time spent had exceeded their bylaws by four or five years.

Agency Success

My agency has been successful because we have treated everyone exactly the way we would like to be treated. Every client is given the respect that we give our next door neighbors and good friends.

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