What is DreamKeep Rewards?

At American Family Insurance, we value your loyalty — to the people and things you're committed to protecting, and to the dreams you're passionate about pursuing. It’s our way of saying we’re with you every step of the way — recognizing and rewarding your good habits, every day.

Is there any cost to join Dreamkeep Rewards?

Nope. It seems to us that asking people to build upon their smart habits — only to charge them a fee — isn’t good policy. So we made DreamKeep Rewards free for all members of your household ages 18 and over, whether or not you have a policy through American Family Insurance or ever make a claim.

Where can I find the complete program rules?

We have our complete DreamKeep Rewards program terms and conditions to scour. Like anything else, the more you dig into the program the more you’ll get out of it.

How will my information be used?

Information all individuals provide will be handled according to the American Family Security and Privacy Policy. American Family may share the information we collect with other organizations for the purpose of providing you with services, information or promotional opportunities that may be of interest to you, either from American Family or those organizations.

Who is eligible to enroll? And do I have to be an American Family Insurance customer?

DreamKeep Rewards is the everyday rewards program for everyone in your household at least 18 years of age and currently residing in Illinois, whether or not you hold a policy with American Family Insurance.

What does “household” mean, exactly? And can other people in my household participate?

The most simple definition is this: all adults ages 18 years or older and living at the same address are considered part of a household and are eligible to join DreamKeep Rewards.

How do I enroll in the program and become a member?

If you haven't already, you must sign up for an profile. This allows us all to stay on the same page, and gives you a secure, convenient place to go to quickly access your rewards program and, if applicable, policy information. The good news is it’s one and done, and is required for both American Family Insurance customers and noncustomers.

Am I automatically a DreamKeep Rewards member if I sign up for an profile?

Not quite yet. Once you are logged into your profile, review and accept the DreamKeep Rewards program terms and conditions.

Once I’m in, what next? And what’s in it for me?

The day you join DreamKeep Rewards is the moment you commit to making good on your good intentions and start earning points for proactively protecting the things and people you value most. Also take advantage of partner benefits. Already an American Family Insurance customer and hold one or more policies? You earn points for that, as well, points you can redeem for fun or useful rewards from our online catalog.

What can I do with the points I earn?

This is our favorite part: watching you build on your smart habits and making it easy to redeem the points that have been adding up for fun, useful rewards. We offer an ever-growing mix of merchandise to protect your home, auto and family, including many things to inspire your dreams — Gift Cards, magazine subscriptions, digital-entertainment downloads, free car-rental days and more.

How will the DreamKeep Rewards program “reach out” to me?

As a DreamKeep Rewards member, you’ll automatically receive administrative communications specific to our loyalty program by email. While not required, you can earn an easy 1,000 points when you sign up for DreamKeep Rewards marketing communications.