Dream Room Giveaway

American Family, furniture retailers honor community leaders with a special room

You work hard to support the people and the community you love. Wouldn't it be nice to have a special place in your home where your family can gather and relax?

With this guiding thought, American Family Insurance, in partnership with several national furniture retailers, sponsored the Dream Room Giveaway in seven cities: Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Tucson.

Families were encouraged to nominate themselves via an online entry form. Additionally, nominations were encouraged from local community organizations and friends.

Community involvement was a primary consideration in choosing the 21 winners, who each received a $5,000 gift card and design consultation to create a dream room of their choice.

The three winning families of each city were selected by a team of judges based upon a number of criteria, one being involvement in the community.

In-store workshops on home safety and decorating - sponsored by American Family, IKEA, American Furniture Warehouse and R.C. Wiley - were also part of the Dream Room Giveaway program.

Phoenix Winners
Ana Silvia GalvanBecause when I was a child I shared a room with 10 siblings and we were on top of each other, it's been a dream of mine to have my own big room with a bathroom and a closet... + Read More
Duran Lugo
Nominated by Ruby Anaya
Duran is a father of two newly married. He is hard working! He has been at his job for about 2 years now as a temp with no benefits. He was let go from his temp job in April of this year 3 days before he was to get married...+ Read More
Oscar MenaThis isn't as much for me as for my wife and children. The kitchen is the place where we gather and it's the most important part of our house. It's where we gather each day and share what we have... + Read More
Milwaukee Winners
Gerard and Colleen Campbell
Nominated by Heika Spielbauer
Gerard and Colleen give so much of themselves to both friends and the community. They take care of friends so well and make us part of their family... + Read More
Tirso MartinezIn need of a big break. Family was evacuated from a apt for the main gas line breaking and never was able to go back... + Read More
Sara WeberI like design. I like the energy created by surroundings that are in balance. It would be fun to decorate with less constricting purse strings to achieve a space that helps me feel balanced... + Read More
Tucson Winners
Maria CarrilloBecause of lack of money, we haven't been able to finish decorating our house and we'd liked to have it finished for Christmas when our family from Mexico comes to visit... + Read More
Olivia CejaWe are a family of 5 and I have a two bedroom home and I have been going through a lot to make an extra room for my girl that are growing too fast and I don't feel good for them to share room with their brother, that's why I'm asking you to help me... + Read More
Salt Lake City Winners
Dianne Curtis
Nominated by daughter, Stephanie
Dianne is the person that works hard for everyone else and doesn't seem to find enough time for herself. She has lived in her home for 23 years and works constantly to try and keep it looking nice and welcoming... + Read More
Rick Wilson
Nominated by son, Justin
Because my dad has worked 2 jobs now for 10 years in supporting our family. He has also been the Boy Scout Master for 4 years in addition to his jobs. He works so very hard and works hard to pay all of our bills... + Read More
Daisy SandquistI'd like to remodel the kitchen since this is where we spend time together and I'd like it to be nicer... + Read More
Chicago Winners
Celsa Gomez
Nominated by daughter, Adelina Aguilar
I am nominating my mother, Celsa Gomez. My mother grew up in poor living conditions in Mexico (el rancho)and decided come to this country in search of a better future for her 7 children... + Read More
Jeannette MihalecWith little exception, my children and I live and breathe helping our community. My children's teachers have commented many times about the breadth of their knowledge bases, and I think that can be directly attributed to our family's focus on community... + Read More
Jovita VillanuevaLately I have been putting others needs ahead of mine. Last year my husband had an eye injury which left him blind in one eye and put him out of work for over 10 months... + Read More
Las Vegas Winners
Leticia BravoI believe that my husband and I are deserving of a Dream Room Giveaway because we both work hard for the citizens of Nevada... + Read More
Nelson RodriguezI think we deserve to win because of how long we've had insurance from AMFam plus our record with our cars and house is good... + Read More
Rose Preza
Nominated by granddaughter, Danielle Prexa
I am nominating my grandmother, Rose Preza. She has been an inspiration to me, friends, and family for over 70 years... + Read More
Denver Winners
Amy HernandezAs with many families times are tough. Earlier this year despite our best efforts to save our house, we were foreclosed on. We have moved to a smaller apt. to cut back on expenses... + Read More
Dawn MarquantteI am a single mom of 4 children ages 17, 13, 5, 18mo. We have been homeless for 2yrs., living with relatives due to medical problems during my last pregnancy. + Read More
Ariel Garciai think i deserv this gift because i work hard for the comunity as a pastor of a church but i never ask for a salary from my church i do alot of marrige gunsuling dont charge people a penny i work to make my own living i work doing janitorial work i do this because i love helping people... + Read More