Faster than a Speeding Truck

Agent Assistant's Quick Action Helps Recover Stolen Vehicle

Being in the right place at the right time - and a quick reaction - was all it took for American Family agent assistant Dennis Goodman to put the brakes on a customer's bad day.

Dennis, who's married to American Family agent Dorothy Goodman, was meeting with a potential customer early one morning when he observed a truck with a flat tire speeding by the couple's Sabetha, Kan., office.

Moments later he received a phone call from a policyholder asking if American Family had her license tag numbers on file. Her vehicle had just been stolen, she said, and the police were requesting this information.

While American Family doesn't keep records of tag numbers, Goodman informed the caller he had just seen her truck barreling down the road. With this fast, on-the-scene information, the police were alerted and able to stop the auto thief less than a mile away.

The thief was taken into custody and the truck returned to its owner.

The Goodmans are thankful no one was injured and that their office could play an important - and highly unusual! - role in helping protect a customer's property.