American Dream Restored

How American Family Restored OUR American Dream

In the wake of a devastating storm, this Minnesota couple is plowing full speed ahead – pursuing their family farm dream to its fullest.

On July 1, a severe storm spawned a tornado that caused extensive damage to Randy and Lisa Sixta's family farm in Lake Benton, Minn. The couple lost buildings, grain bins, crops – and a whole lot more. American Family responded quickly, enabling the Sixtas to begin rebuilding not only their property, but their American Dream. In their own words, here's why they're happy they chose American Family to help insure their farm.

Our farm is our American Dream. We have been building our farm site for almost 30 years. We have a large farming operation and have been building it slowly so as we grow older things will be easier for us.

The storm on July 1 changed all of that. It destroyed ten out of eleven grain bins, structurally damaged buildings, put a hole in the roof of our house and broke almost every window on the west side of our home. It ripped apart our transformer that ran our entire drying system, pushed our corn dryer off its platform (starting a fire), and sent grain flying along with the debris.

We called our American Family agent [John Whipple] immediately, and within a half hour he was at our place. He was very sympathetic and reassuring. He took pictures and got us in contact with the right people so that we could start clean up, as he knew we had a lot of work to do to have our place back up and ready for harvest this fall. At the time, we were numb and having trouble sorting through all the emotions. We had a lot of decisions to make in a short period of time. John did an outstanding job helping us.

We would also like to point your attention to our adjuster, Steve Nelson. He too was very helpful and has been outstanding in handling our claim. He knows the massive amount of cleanup that we had, and has been patient with us in getting our information to him, as we not only had structural damage to our farm, but vehicle damage, machinery damage and crop damage.

In talking to our friends and neighbors, we realize just how lucky we were in choosing American Family. I know that American Family had hundreds of claims in our neighborhood, and I have yet to find someone who was not happy with their performance after this massive storm.

Again, we felt it necessary to let you know what fine employees you have at American Family.

Lisa and Randy Sixta, Lake Benton, MN

Update: This fall, Randy and Lisa have been continuing their pursuit of the American Dream. As of early November, most of their farm has been rebuilt, and they've completed their corn harvest.

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