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Conserve Water

Water covers approximately 70 percent of our world’s surface.


Like planet Earth, the human body contains more than 75% water. Conserving fresh water in your home is therefore essential to the survival of our planet, and our species.

  • Given the abundance of water on the planet, it would seem that finding water is a trivial task. Due to global warming and pollution, however, access to clean, fresh water is quickly diminishing. Only 2.5 percent of the Earth’s water is fresh and suitable for consumption. Of that 2.5 percent, more than two-thirds is locked away in glaciers and not able to help meet the growing demands of society.

  • Furthermore, according to the EPA, American public water supply and treatment facilities consume enough electricity each year to power more than 5 million homes. Turning off the faucet when you don’t need it is just as important as turning out the lights when you leave the room.

  • You can also cut down on water usage in your home by fixing leaks around the house and replace faucets and showerheads with low-flow alternatives. According to the EPA, if just one out of every 100 American homes changed to water-efficient fixtures, we would avoid adding 80,000 tons of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere.

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Remember, reducing your personal carbon footprint by just 2% each year can help minimize global warming by the year 2050.

If overhauling your entire life to “go green” still feels a little overwhelming, be willing to ask yourself powerful questions and take the time to find out what level of “green” on the continuum works best for your lifestyle, then commit to making a conscious change for the better.

Incorporating just one of these tips on an ongoing basis can actually make a world of difference, so experiment and have fun making your conscious lifestyle work for you!

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