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What Do Royal Blue, Summer, and Coffee Have in Common?

What are some ways to determine what you will like when designing your home? Though there is never a "sure thing" when it comes to knowing how your tastes and styles will translate into your living space, and especially over the years, there are a few different tips that can help you decide what might work for you.


Think about it.

Possible Question 1: What is your favorite color? Has your favorite color changed recently? If so, that may be something to think about when planning a space that you will want to enjoy for years to come. If your favorite color has not changed, that is something to not only note, but to keep clearly in mind when picking accent or focus colors – chances are, if you have loved that color for your entire life, you probably will continue to love it (in moderation of course).

Possible Question 2: What is your favorite season? Each season has very distinct colors associated, and particular emotions that each of the seasons brings to an environment (and your space becomes your private environment):

  • Summer has associated colors similar to that of winter, but with pastel versions of whites, blues, pinks and greens and evokes feelings of warmness and excitement.
  • Fall palates involve other deeper, richer earthy hues as the transition takes form: autumn reds, browns, oranges, and deep golden colors are common. The feelings commonly associated with this color palate are warmth and security.
  • Winter colors are clear and icy with subtle blue undertones – normally bright and clean hues such as cherry red, emerald green, royal blue, but missing the brilliant yellow that is saved for warmer months. The feelings that winter colors bring is cleanness and clarity.
  • Spring colors are sheer and vivid, as one might picture a clear spring day. Spring hues all are embossed with the warm colors of a new sun – the yellows create distinct color undertones: dazzling yellow, plush corals, and fresh greens are all part of the spring palate. The feelings are just as you would expect: senses of newness, change, and growth are all extracted from these colors.


Possible Question 3: What are some of your favorite things? If you enjoy a lovely cup of coffee every morning, maybe including some rich browns in your décor would help evoke those same feelings you have to that first sip of coffee – a great comfort feeling of coming home and sitting into a luxurious and smooth leather sofa. Sigh. Or perhaps you enjoy oranges? Utilizing the bright orange hues is one aspect, but putting out a nice glass bowl and using oranges not only as a fruit, but as an accessory? Nice. Or, you can even put some scented candles that emanate the clean fruity smell of your favorite fruit – it could bring a smile to your face every day.

What is the point here? Think the larger picture, the personal picture – what makes YOU happy outside of standard sofas, loveseats, bedroom sets, and dining rooms? If you can think of what evokes great feelings in you and TRANSLATE that into the selection of great furniture, accessories, and décor for your space, you may be setting yourself up for not only a home, but your own personal oasis that is very uniquely you.