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Be willing to take a closer look at how energy flows into and out of your home.


If you think you could be conserving more energy in your home but aren’t sure how to, think about scheduling an energy audit with a green consultant. They can provide expert advice to help you identify ways you can use less electricity and plug energy leaks in your home, help you weatherize, save money and regulate energy use, and green your overall lifestyle. Some utility companies offer residents free audits: call yours to see if you quality. If not, hire an accredited professional, like a LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) consultant.

Calculate your carbon footprint. You can calculate your footprint online at sites like, and adjust your lifestyle accordingly to the lowest footprint possible.

When all else fails, neutralize your carbon footprint the easy way by purchasing carbon offset credits, which allow you to offset the total average amount of carbon emissions generated from daily activities like driving your car or heating your home. Depending on the provider, offsetting can often involve covering the cost of pro-environment activities like replanting trees and purchasing renewable energy like wind or solar energy.

To learn more about calculating or offsetting your carbon footprint, watch Conscious Living TV’s "Carbon Offsetting 101" episode

Remember, reducing your personal carbon footprint by just 2% each year can help minimize global warming by the year 2050.

If overhauling your entire life to “go green” still feels a little overwhelming, be willing to ask yourself powerful questions and take the time to find out what level of “green” on the continuum works best for your lifestyle, then commit to making a conscious change for the better.

Incorporating just one of these tips on an ongoing basis can actually make a world of difference, so experiment and have fun making your conscious lifestyle work for you!

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