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Lighting as Decoration

We obviously don't live in stores, but you can take some of these ideas that work well for a visual presentation and integrate them into your interior with good results. Here are some simple tips.


lighting as decorations
The easiest thing to overlook in decorating is lighting. It's not all created equal, and it can totally change just about any room. There's overhead, recessed, task, lamp, spot, etc. and all serve a specific purpose, but can also create a specific mood.


Create a mood
This room benefits from a lot of natural light from the French doors, so during the day additional lighting is not required. The mood of the room will change substantially at night, however, with the warm glow of lamp lighting replacing the natural sunlight.


kitchen lighting
In the kitchen a variety of lighting is needed, including general overhead (pendants and recessed can lights), as well as task lighting (underneath the cabinets). In this example, all combined create a general warmth throughout the room, but the pendants create interest and break up the openness of the space.


Mood lighting
Generally, you need to consider how you want your room to feel (or function) when purchasing lighting. If you want a warm cozy feel, don't rely on harsh overhead lighting, but rather choose lamplight with off-white or beige shades to create a warm glow. On the other hand, if you have a home office, you may need substantial lighting and will require overhead as well as task (desk lamp) lighting.

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