Design Room

Living with Media

The living room used to be synonymous with the term "sitting room" --a place to sit, talk and relax. Today however, it has also become a digital hub for home entertainment. It's all about "living with media" in this high definition world of flat screen televisions, personal video recorders, laptops, gaming consoles, CDs and DVDs.


According to The Retail Experience Consumer Research Report, 62% of consumers making home entertainment purchases reported that media storage was a must-have component. So, whether it's a library of books or a library of music and movies, here are some innovative solutions from IKEA to help make everyday living at home even better.

Here's to the new digital living room! IKEA offers the following tips to create a technology-friendly living room:

Think beyond the "tube". Assess all of your entertainment needs to create a customized unit just for you. BESTÅ/INREDA combinations are designed specifically for today's multimedia infused lifestyle. Choose an open storage structure to show off your television, or hide it away behind closed doors. Do you prefer casters to solid legs? How about hidden door openers instead of exposed door handles? The design possibilities are endless.

Seeing eye to eye. Position the television at eye level and make sure the sofa is at a comfortable distance from the entertainment unit to reduce eye, neck and shoulder strain.

Let there be light! Watching television in the dark can strain the eyes. However, too much light can produce glare. Consider putting a few spot lights or a lighting strip behind the television for subtle ambient lighting. It's an easy way to turn a functional need into a smart design feature.

Use repetition to create visual appeal. Whether you're storing CDs, video games, DVDs or the latest magazines in the living room, use different sized storage boxes and magazine files from one specific design series for a uniform look. Place three or five of the same kind of boxes in a row. This design strategy creates a sense of abundance, is aesthetically pleasing, and creates a clutter-free environment.

Find more inspiration. Visit for additional design ideas and affordable space-saving solutions for today's multifaceted living rooms.