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Simple Tips for Small Spaces

Loft living has once again made a comeback.


Though living in the most happening area of town has its definite perks, one of the setbacks is that most individuals have to downgrade their overall space. With this square footage reduction comes the difficult task of design. Here are some tips from us at American Furniture Warehouse that can help you create the small space décor of your dreams.

Define your living spaces: If you live in a small space, i.e. a studio, and you want to make that space look like you have multiple rooms, it is easy to identify different sections by aligning furniture that defines the room spaces and décor independently. You can use different accent colors, or even paint the walls diverse colors to characterize individual spaces. Picking an accent piece, like a tiered storage tower, and placing it between two living areas is also a much more bold way to define separate living sections.

Don’t over accessorize: It is easy to get carried away when you move into a new place – wanting to put out every accessory you own in one small and simple space can quite easily take a room from “magic” to “tragic”. The mantra for small living spaces should always resound around the “less is more” saying. However, choosing a couple great, bright, and interesting accents can bring all the elements of décor together in your space.

Use mirrors: Mirrors in a small space can be a good friend. Strategically placing large mirrors on the walls of a small space can have the effect of making it seem much larger to the eye. Another way that mirrors can be implemented into a small living space is on closet doors – creating a doubling effect of the living areas.

Color can be your friend OR enemy: Light, warm, and airy hues will make any space feel bigger than it actually is. However, just because you are in a small space does not mean that your space has to be boring. Pick some bright colors, or favorite colors – and use them as accents rather than filling your entire space with that color. Pick a bright rug, or a few accent pillows, or perhaps a colorful accessory. All of these will breathe life into your space without crushing it with too much color.

Don’t over-furnish: Just because you are in a small space does NOT mean you can only have miniature furniture. You can still have that great overstuffed sofa that you have always dreamed of. What it means is that you can’t have a ton of other accessories or pieces that will make your place look cluttered. Instead of the whole overstuffed set: sofa, loveseat, and chair – pick just the sofa and chair and strategically place them in your space.

Use lighting to expand space: the type of lighting you use can dramatically alter the way your rooms feel and appear. Using recessed lightning not only saves on ground space, but with differing angles, it can make a room appear much larger than it actually is.

Clear the clutter!: Right now, there are so many stylish options in furniture that are made to double as additional storage space. Storage ottomans, coffee tables with built-in drawers and shelves, and decorative storage towers are all "in' right now. They are built to accommodate current styles, but made to function for the everyday users by granting additional space that goes mostly unseen by viewers.

Just because you live in a small space does not mean you have to be crushed by your small space. Utilizing tips like the ones above can help you create a décor that is modern and stylish, without breaking your budget or cluttering your space.

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