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A Dream Room for You!
Don't you deserve a special place where you and your family can gather to laugh and spend time together? Or do you know a family that deserves a Dream Room of their choice? Enter now to nominate your family or someone else's to win a Dream Room from American Family Insurance.

Winners will receive a $5000 gift card and design conusltation from one of our Dream Room Giveaway partners.

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What Do Royal Blue, Summer, and Coffee Have in Common? Deciding what you want

What are some ways to determine what you will like when designing your home? Though there is never a “sure thing” when it comes to knowing how your tastes and styles will translate into your living space, and especially over the years, there are a few different tips that can help you decide what might work for you.

Unplugged unused appliances Avoid "Phantom Load": Eliminate Energy Vampires

Most of the energy drained from your home comes from appliances that you may not even be using--like that second refrigerator. At least 5 % of the average household’s monthly utility bill goes towards powering devices that are turned off.

Do you have adequate coverage for disaters? Home Safety Tips – Adequate Home Insurance Coverage

Insurance industry research shows a significant percentage of U.S. homeowners do not have adequate insurance coverage to rebuild their homes should disaster strike. There are a number of reasons for this, such as changing property values, rising construction costs, unreported improvements and the growing trend of in-home businesses.

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Is your home protected?
Your family depends on you most. Have you thought about them?

If you were suddenly taken from them, would their financial needs still be met? American Family Insurance offers a variety of insurance options to help you prepare for both planned and unexpected events. These choices include term, universal and whole life insurance policies. These life insurance products may also help address business continuation planning needs. When it comes to your family and your business, you can depend on us so they can depend on you.

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