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A Dream Room for You!
Don't you deserve a special place where you and your family can gather to laugh and spend time together? Or do you know a family that deserves a Dream Room of their choice? Enter now to nominate your family or someone else's to win a Dream Room from American Family Insurance.

Winners will receive a $5000 gift card and design conusltation from one of our Dream Room Giveaway partners. Time’s running out; enter by October 31st!

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Living with Media Living with Media

According to The Retail Experience Consumer Research Report, 62% of consumers making home entertainment purchases reported that media storage was a must-have component. So, whether it's a library of books or a library of music and movies, here are some innovative solutions from IKEA to help make everyday living at home even better.

Upgrade appliances Upgrade Your Appliances

According to the EPA, efficient appliances use 10-50% less energy and water than standard models. Even installing ceiling fans and tank-less water heaters can reduce your energy consumption. Let’s take a look at how you can save with some of your biggest home appliances..

Home Inspections Can Prevent Unwelcome Surprises Home Inspections Can Prevent Unwelcome Surprises

A first-rate home inspection can help you avoid unpleasant and costly surprises. So, if you're serious about buying a new home, get it checked out thoroughly. Here are some of the key points you should know about home inspections..

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Where would you be without your ride?
Where would you be without your ride?

American Family can help you protect your ride and the people you share it with.

You’re always on the move – both for work and pleasure. Whether commuting to the office, traveling cross country or enjoying a weekend pleasure sport, American Family Insurance can help make sure you and your motorized vehicle are properly covered.

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