Home Safety

Dog Bites

Dogs bite more than four million people in the U.S. each year and more than 750,000 of the victims require medical treatment. Dog bites account for more emergency room visits than do skateboards, in-line skates, baby walkers and all-terrain vehicles combined.


Dog Bite Liability

The liability that dog ownership presents is a growing concern. Dog bite claim settlements continue to rise and, in turn, affect everyone's rates. Once your dog bites, the incident may jeopardize your property insurance, too.

Tips for Avoiding Dog Bites

  • If a dog approaches, don't run or scream. Try to back against a tree or car. If you have time, climb on a car or up a tree. Then call for help. If the dog moves away, you can then move away carefully.
  • Lie on the ground with knees tucked to your chest and a fist over each ear if a dog knocks you down. Remain very still and quiet.
  • Staring threatens dogs.
  • Be aware that about 80 percent of dog bites occur in the victim's home or at a friend's home. These friendly dog bites account for the majority of treated dog bites.

More Information

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