2nd & 3rd Place Winners

We’re so excited and proud to start helping these lucky dreamers achieve their goals. Join grand prize winners Cathleen and Shruthi on their journey as they're mentored by Kathy Ireland.

Second Prize

Anne G of Illinois

We're so excited to provide Anne with $5,000 to publish a book encouraging kids to try – and learn to love – fruits and vegetables. She was motivated by a real life experience with her niece, and now wants other children to benefit from healthy eating. Anne plans to bring this story to life through an activity book and website.

Third Prize

Tim B of Wisconsin

We consider ourselves lucky to provide Tim with $2,500 for adaptive camera equipment. Tim has always LOVED photography. But, a recent diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease had limited the 43-year-old's ability to pursue this passion. With the special camera equipment, he can now pursue his dreams to the fullest!